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By Lana Lang

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A trip through memory

From: Anna Veneroso


A TRIP THROUGH MEMORY ... The "Pisciottani" leave their town! Versione Italiana

This is the title of a book about the men, born in Pisciotta, who had to leave their town for the war, and about some families who emigrated abroad, in particular the United States and especially to Amsterdam, N.Y. It is a collection of photographs and documents put together by the author Cav. Vincenzo D'Amato (better known as "Il Gemello"), with the contribution of Massimino Iannone.

It is a superb work not only because it traces the history of Italy through the Pisciottani who served the army, but also because Il Gemello, patiently, visited almost all the families of Pisciotta, Rodio, Marina e Caprioli in order to collect anything that could be useful for this work (photographs, documents, postcards, stamps and so on). As it usually happens in cases like this, most families welcomed him, but others were skeptical and shut the doors of their houses to him! Anyway the book is without no doubt a well documented piece of history starting from 1850 till the World War Two.

Glancing through it we find faces, stories and situations we can't find anywhere else, and the names of these men and their stories are the names and the stories of true "heroes" unknown to the official books of history, but who probably did and suffered more than anyone could imagine or think, and who, in some cases, died without their families knowing where and how. In each page of this book, I'm sure, each Pisciottano will identify himself, no matter how old he is.

A huge thank you to Il Gemello and Massimino Iannone who gave Pisciotta such a present, and all the Pisciottani, whether living here or abroad, should be grateful to them forever!



Until Next Time,
Lana Lang
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