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The Honorable George L. Infante
Versione Italiana

                                       by Anna Veneroso

Pisciotta is a small village in Southern Italy whose origins go back to ancient times when the Greeks founded new colonies, infact this area is also known as the “Magna Graecia” and the the nearby village of Ascea(Elea)was the hometown of great philosophers such as Parmenide and Zenone (Eleatic School).

Pisciotta has always been a cultural, religious and intellectual center where a lot of enlightened men were born, but  on the other hand it suffered (especially during the first decades of the past century) of economic lacks and therefore it had a lot of emigrants who were compelled to leave the beauty of its coast, the warmth of its sun, its transparent sky and sea, the traditions with which they had grown up, to go abroad to seek  fortune. A lot of Pisciottani went to Northern Europe, but a great deal reached the “New World” where, they were told, they could find a job, make some money to buy a house, have their children study and live an honest life and, maybe, go back to their home town to enjoy those beauties they had always in mind and in their hearts and which gave them the strength to face all the difficulties they encountered on their way through a completely new life.

A lot of these emigrants had the opportunity to return to Pisciotta either to remain there or just to visit it, but plenty of them didn’t manage to go back to see again their home town which they thought of every day, in each moment of their new life, and which they always talked about to their children who were born in the “New World” and who knew about Pisciotta through the words, the cooking, the religious traditions of their parents (or grandparents). But Pisciotta has never forgotten its children and they have never forgotten Pisciotta, as well as Italy has always been alive in its emigrants and their lives! This is the starting point of many associations born in the States with the aim of never forgetting their roots, their origins, their parents...One I would like to mention is the Italian American Community Center in Albany, NY, which, every year, gives a special award to an Italian-American, and in the 2002 it was given to   

                                           GEORGE INFANTE

      The Honorable George L.Infante was presented the “Italian-American of the Year Award” for the  Year 2002, at the Italian American Community Center in Albany, New York, USA. This award is presented to someone who continually applies our cherished Italian values of family, fellowship, and good will to betterment of our nation and our community.

George Infante was born in Brooklyn, New York, the son of immigrants, Aniello Infante of Pisciotta, Italy, and Rose Superti of Barletta,Italy.

He has a BS Degree in Public Administration and Criminal Justice. His life of public service started over 50 years ago with his appointment to the State Police Bureau of Criminal Investigation and through the years rose ranks of Corporal, Sergeant, Lieutenant, Captain and Superintendent. In 1979 he was elected Albany County Sheriff and served in that capacity for ten years. Since 1994 he has served as Albany County Legislator.

George has shown us what it means to be an Italian. He hasbeen a member of countless community, fraternal and charitable organizations.

George Infante is without a doubt a hero and a role model for Italian-Americans.

                                        Thank you George !

Thank you for being part of our lives ! Thank you also from all those emigrants who are not among us anymore ! Thank you from Pisciotta !

  Until Next Time,
A friend of PisciottaNet
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