How to Start New Holiday Traditions
Tired of spending every holiday driving to Grandma's?
Our family usually spends every holiday at my parents' or my in-laws' house. But my wife and I would like to make a new tradition. How do we break the news without hurting feelings?

You can't. Any time you tell someone you don't want to be with them, it's going to hurt a little. So depending on how understanding your family is, you could try the blunt truth -- your desire to start some of your own traditions with your kids and friends, and no holiday driving.

If this logic won't fly with your clan, and you value family ties, then you'll have to do the compromise thing. If you have the stamina and really love a party, or two, you could try inviting the grandparents and relatives over for Christmas Eve and stay home for a quite dinner on Christmas Day, with your kids and friends. They'll either accept and you all win, or they'll decline, but at least you asked. Another option is to create a holiday rotation schedule: one year friends, the next year family.