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Don't be fooled by their young age, if it is true that they are only 16 and 17 years old, isSplendide e succulente olive also true that their mothers and grandmothers have already pass on their secrets of Pisciotta gastronomic traditions, of which are protective guardians. We refer to the girls of Pisciotta, they are already using to the best the OLIVE OIL (of the pisciottana species, scientifically recognized and disseminated on all the cilentano territory) for the best sughetti, the fabulous salads, the pizza napoletana and to keep moreover the olives for a great appetizer.

Speaking of home made products, born from necessities of the past, when the work of the summer months had to nourish us also in the interminable and inactive winter days, those same girls are skillful in putting the anchovies under salt  in precious jars of terracotta, and preserving in glass jars the tuna, eggplants,  mushrooms and artichokes under oil, Olio di Oliva pisciottanoand peppers and tomatoes under vinegar. In the district of Rodio and Caprioli, but also in locality  Pietralata and Valle, you will find young girls skillful in the preparation of cheese  and caciotte. All are capable of  preparing the tomato in bottle, cocked in cauldrons blackened from the smoke, whose appearance announces the sweet month of September.

" The CIAULEDDA ", a dish made with chili peppers, eggplants, string beans, potatoes, tomatoes, onion and basil, is the masterpiece of these girls, together with " the CAPONATA ": hard bread with tomatoes, olives and oil.
For pig meat ( families that do not raise one, acquire it at the Caprioli fair on March18 ) are the boys that demonstrate extraordinary ability in the preparation of prosciutti, soppressate, sausages and capicolli.

The Marina of Pisciotta instead has " the CAURARU ", unexpected mix between fish and a produce, and no to forget the salad with anchovies of " MENAIDE ", (fished with a special net, the menaide, in dialect " menaica ", which maintains intact the flavor of the anchovies ); a type of fishing nearly abandoned that at Marina of Pisciotta is practiced by only few families of fishermen. On the perfect table could not lack the homemade pasta: from the lasagna, to the fusilli, the cavatielli, to the tagliolini, from the lagane to the ravioli and so on.

Today some restaurants, by reservation, will prepare it for you, with time and patience required by those recipes.  Some time visitors more demanding, may find those products at the market place or with friends and people they know.



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