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If this year you have decided not to bring on vacation with you all the five senses, we advice against Pisciotta. The green uniform  of the thousand olive trees, the yellow of the "ginestre", the blue of the sky and of the transperancy of the sea, the red of the sunsets, could not be admired! You could not listen to the different dialect inflexions of the near by villages with traces of Greek and Romans terms  (documented by the studies of prof. Rohlfs, glottologist of world fame),on Wednesdays open market, where people,  from all over the Cilento, meet to buy and sell a bit of everything. 

You could not stretch on the beaches of Gozzipuodi or Passariello and feel on the skin the pleasant heat transmitted by the "AGLIAREDDE" (stones smoothed by the sea), or cover your body all over with fine sand on the beach of the "Gabella", to receive unexpected benefit for the organism.

You could not purchase, before departing, the oil produced in Pisciotta, in order to make  your friends enjoy the true taste of the vergin oil, the genuine seasoning on the green salad, on the tomatoes, on a mozzarella (did you knew that Prof. Keys, famous American dietician, has inserted the olive oil of the Cilento in the Mediterranean diet?).

You would not be able, in the evening at dusk, after an incredible sunset with fantastic colors, to take a walk on the dock of the port, when the fishermen of Marina reenter with small fishing-boats whose cassettes of the fresh fish spread in the air an ancient odor of uncontaminated sea. Those are only some of the feelings that Pisciotta cannot give you if you decided not to bring the five senses.

If at this point you have changed your mind and the five senses are coming with you on vacation, you may visit Pisciotta.

With buildings of medieval origin and the majestic structure of the Marchesale mansion, Pisciotta has a shoreline of 10 Km of variegated beaches (from north to south): Fiumicello and Acquabianca (3 Kms), Passariello (Km 0.400), Torracca (2 Km), all smooth  stones; the beaches of the port area and the inhabited area of Marina (Km 0.700), of the Ficaiola (Km 0.700), sandy-smoth stones; of the Gabella (Km 1,5), sandy.

Pisciotta with a climate among the more myths and pleasant, with middle temperatures that oscillate in winter around 10/11 centigrade degrees and in summer on the 22/23. With a sea in whose backdrops are present the POSIDONIA, a plant that signals the good state of health of the habitat.

Pisciotta, where is possible to observe in flight the goldfinches and to listen to their song, to see the cinciallegre, the fringuelli, the capinere: ecological pointers of sure reliability. Pisciotta, in the National Park of the Cilento, is all of this! With complete absence of industries, the prevailing resources of Pisciotta are the tourism, the craftsmanship and the olive oil (produced by millennial plants). The fishing business has done well, since the completion of the port. There are 3.500 places where you can sleep among hotels, villages, camping sites and apartments for vacations.

Pisciotta offers all that, and a lot more to you!

P.S. If your visit to Pisciotta is not in the summer, do not fear, you will be "always"  cheered from the ancient and serene loveliness of its people ".




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